2017-2018 Course Offerings

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We know that many homeschool families make ends meet on a single income.  That is why in twenty years, we have only raised our tuition once.  Keeping our classes affordable is one of our goals.  However, we also have an obligation to pay our teachers for the work they are doing.  Due to a number of factors, we have decided to raise our tuition for the first time in 17 years.

Total tuition for the year is $450.  Tuition will be $200.00 per student per course for the fall semester (16 weeks) and $250.00 per student per course for the spring semester (20 weeks).  Tuition charges cover the instructors’ compensation, insurance fees, and building usage fees.  The student is responsible to provide textbook, paper, notebooks and pencils for each class.  In most classes, we have books you may use for a book fee of $15/book.  Most lab materials required will be furnished by the instructor, and will be funded by the lab fee.


A Note About our Textbooks

 Our goal is to provide engaging and challenging instruction in every class.  With this goal in mind, our teachers have chosen the textbook that they feel presents their subject in a clear, concise and (hopefully!) interesting manner.  We do not subscribe to a particular method of teaching or a specific curriculum.  We use a variety of books from a variety of publishers, both Christian and secular.  In some cases our teachers have not found a suitable textbook and prefer to provide material they have written or compiled themselves.  If you have a question or concern about any of our books or why we have chosen a particular book, please let us know!

Start Math Early

Mr. Freitag recommends starting math at the Resource Center as early as 6th grade.  We have found that students who try to jump straight into Algebra 1 are not always prepared to do the work.  Because students are transitioning to a new book and a new class, they often have gaps between what they have learned and what we expect them to know.  This can lead to struggle and frustration.  We highly recommend transitioning to the Resource Center in 6th or 7th grade to avoid this.  

What to do if your student needs Algebra this year?  Talk to us about pre-testing and summer tutoring!  We can work with you to help your student make a successful transition to our classes.

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