Language Core

Middle School English 2                                                                                             Angela Hartman

A precursor to our high school English courses, this class will focus on reading longer books and biographies.  The writing portion will help students strengthen their research and writing skills.  Part of our focus will be learning good writing techniques by reading good writers.  This class will be appropriate for students who took Middle School English 1 during the 2016-2017 school year as well as students new to the class

Textbook: Life of Fred Classes and Dreams; Individual readers provided in class                          


 Introduction to Literature  (two semesters)      (Honors option)                  Valerie Hesse

 A combination of grammar, composition and literature suitable for 8th and 9th grade students.  The students will cover the essential elements of literature as well as putting their grammar to use in paper writing.  This course will cover the themes of literature--conflict, character, theme, structure, point of view and moral tone

Textbook:  To be determined


American Literature  (two semesters)                                                              Valerie Hesse

This class is for upper level high school students.  It will cover American literature from the 1600’s to the present.  Students will read both excerpts and complete selections of various American authors.  It is a benefit to the students to take this with the US History class as the readings will follow the period of history being studied.

Textbook: To be determined


Essentials of Writing  (two semesters)                                                   Valerie Hesse

 Writing is crucial to success in college, a career, and life in general.  Despite writing’s pivotal role, several indicators point to a nationwide crisis in the skill.  Research shows that two out of three students do not write well enough to meet grade level.  Employers and college students are spending billions every year for remedial writing courses.  With this concern in mind we are offering a writing course for students at the Home School Resource Center.  This writing course is designed to help students learn about and practice the important skill of writing.

 Students who enroll in this course will learn about the writing process including the areas of prewriting, writing, revising, and editing.  Students will also study the traits of good writing which include forming ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and the all-important grammar and conventions of writing.  To help the learner apply this new knowledge, time will be devoted to practicing the various forms of writing including narrative writing, expository writing, persuasive writing, creative writing, as well as research writing.  Students will be guided through the entire process and formative assessment and feedback will be given at every level.

Textbook: in class handouts