Our Policies



HSRC does not require strict subscription to the confessional statements mentioned in the About section, however the parents will be asked to sign on the application that they understand and accept the principle that the HSRC will conduct courses on the basis of the system of doctrine set forth by those confessions.  The administration of HSRC reserves the right to reject applicants on the basis of insufficient agreement upon doctrinal beliefs and educational philosophy.

  As parents of home schoolers, we desire to help meet the academic needs of families with older students so that they can prepare their students for college or other future activities.  We do not exclude families of different faiths, however we do everything from an evangelical Christian perspective and we expect the students to conform to our standards while at the Center.

  The prospective student may also be given an entrance examination pertaining to the classes requested.  This examination will be used by the teacher to determine if the child is sufficiently trained to enter the class requested (for example; an applicant for Spanish II must show sufficient proficiency in Spanish I).  Classes requiring an examination include the maths and languages beyond the first year.

  There will be a parents’ meeting one week before classes start to discuss class time, course requirements, necessary supplies, and teacher expectations.  It is important for parents to attend this meeting.

  The parents of prospective students will be required to inform the administration of HSRC of any learning disabilities, medical conditions, and so forth that will affect the child’s educational experience, health, or the classroom environment at HSRC.  Self-administered medications and medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, and the like, will require parental signature of a waiver of responsibility on behalf of HSRC.  Learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, and such conditions will be handled on a case-by-case basis with HSRC reserving the right to reject any and all such applicants.  Should a trial term be deemed appropriate, and prove unsuccessful in such cases, the full tuition less administrative processing fees will be refundable to the parents.

  Classes will run only with a five student minimum.  If a class does not reach the minimum the class will be offered on a tutoring basis at the discretion of the teacher.  The tutoring rate is $30 per hour.  If a class does not run, the $50 deposit will be applied to another class or refunded.


Total tuition for the year is $450.  Tuition will be $200.00 per student per course for the fall semester (16 weeks) and $250.00 per student per course for the spring semester (20 weeks).  Tuition charges cover the instructors’ compensation, insurance fees, and building usage fees.  The student is responsible to provide paper, notebooks and pencils for each class.  We provide all books and in-class handouts for a fee of $12.50.  Lab materials required will be furnished by the instructor, and will be funded by the lab fee.  

  Failure to either pay tuition by the mid-term break of each semester or to follow the arranged payment plan will result in expulsion of the student.   Because of our small class size and the commitment we make to our teachers, withdrawals will be permitted within the first three weeks with full reimbursement of tuition less the $50 non-refundable deposit.  Withdrawals after that time will require full payment of the year’s tuition. 

We understand that homeschool families often have restrictions on their finances.  We are more than happy to set up a payment plan for you.  If you wish to have a payment plan please indicate this on the application.  We will require the non-refundable application fee and a non-refundable $50 deposit for each class before the beginning of the school year.  The remainder of the tuition will be broken into nine payments due on the 15th of each month.  Bills will be sent as a reminder.

  If you do not wish to set up a payment plan, tuition for each semester is due in full by the mid-semester break (either fall break or spring break).


One great advantage of home schooling children is the ability to take impromptu trips and vacations during the ‘off season’.  While this is recognized as a blessing, and something that strengthens the family bond, it must also be acknowledged that frequent absences can interfere with the academic instruction at the HSRC.  Therefore, the following is requested for the sake of the instructor and the student:

  1. Out of respect to our teachers, please keep absences to a minimum.
  2. Parents should notify the instructor(s) affected at least one (1) week in advance of the student’s absence.  Arrangements should be made for homework, research papers, and tests to be turned in before the planned absence.  In the event of sickness, the parents are requested to notify the office prior to the start of the school day.  Please call 354-9934.  If there is no answer, please leave a message
  3. The students will be responsible for obtaining copies of course notes and handouts from their fellow students upon their return.  The instructor cannot be expected to review entire class lectures for the benefit of those students absent either for family reasons or due to sickness.
  4. Assignments will be due without regard for absences other than sickness.  Waiver of this policy should not be requested as it presents the instructor with an unfair situation relative to the other students. 
  5. In the case of illness, the student should try to complete the work prior to the next class meeting.  If extra time is needed, the student should make specific arrangements with the teacher.  In general, the work is expected by the second class after the absence. 
  6. In order for the teachers to make the fullest use of their time (and because timeliness shows respect), HSRC has a tardy policy.  If a student is more than 6 minutes late, the student will not be admitted to class.  Exceptions may be made by the teacher if circumstances warrant.   The one standing exception is if you are caught in traffic due to an accident.  This generally happens a couple of times each year.  The students should go directly into class as soon as they arrive.  We appreciate it if parents/students will call and let us know of the situation and that the students are coming.  

  Students taking courses at the Home School Resource Center are to be registered as home school students in accordance with South Carolina law. In order to assist parents, the two hours spent each week in the classroom will be supplemented with between 2 - 4 hours of home study assignments.  In many courses, the examinations required will be sent home to be administered by the parents.  Course time will focus on lecture, example problems, and answering questions that arise during home study.  Science classes will conduct some experiments in class, while some will be assigned for home study.  Please keep in mind that the students are home schooled.  The assignments given are meant to help the student have a full week’s worth of study material.  The parents should expect to review the assigned work and help the student set up a daily study schedule, just as they do for the work they assign at home.

Academic Progress Reports & Assessment

Academic progress analysis will be left to the determination of the individual instructor.  At the beginning of the semester, the instructor will inform the parents and students as to the nature of testing, grades, etc.  The HSRC Administrator will receive progress reports from each instructor for each student twice per semester.  These reports will be forwarded to the parents for inclusion with their home schooling academic records. Instructors will return all of the student’s work after it has been checked.  As the students are home schoolers, it is the parents’ responsibility to maintain the records (including the portfolio) required under South Carolina law.

The general grading policy is as follows:

  1. All work is due at the beginning of the class period assigned.  Exceptions must be approved by the instructor.
  2. There will be a 10 point drop for each day that work is late.  This does not include the weekend.

  HSRC will utilize an entrance examination for certain courses to determine whether each student is prepared to perform the work at the level of the course for which he or she is applying.  It is possible, however, that a student may evidence a lack of ability to progress at the pace of the rest of the course.  While the small class size will enable a greater level of individual attention than can be received elsewhere, circumstances occasionally necessitate other arrangements.  In the case of poor academic progress, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. The instructor will meet with the administrator to discuss and document the nature of the student’s academic deficiency.  At this meeting, options will be discussed which can be attempted – such as study guides, increased personal attention, or small study groups with fellow students.
  2. Should poor academic progress persist, a meeting will be arranged between the instructor, administrator and parents.  At this meeting, options will be discussed including increased parental involvement with homework and possible additional tutoring arranged by the parents.  A time frame will be agreed upon, not greater than one (1) month, after which reevaluation of progress will be conducted.
  3. Should this reevaluation determine that the material covered at the level of the current class is beyond the academic capacity of the student, arrangements will be made, subject to parental approval, to enroll the student in the next lower level for that course.  The parents will be given the option of withdrawing the student with a prorated refund of tuition.


  1. If your child is sick and is contagious, we request that you keep the child home.  Please call and notify the administrator that your student will not be in class.  We can usually arrange for assignments to be sent to you.  
  2. There are certain conditions that while uncomfortable are not contagious and do not require the student to miss class.  The center keeps basic medical supplies on hand and is able to treat minor injuries as well as headaches, etc.   We will only do this with the parent’s permission.  Please carefully consider your child’s needs when filling out this part of the application.


 The number and variety of electronic gadgets are increasing at a rapid rate.  We realize that some of these may be needed by the student to help with studying.  We have had a lot of difficulty during study hall with students using the gadgets to text each other, play games, watch videos, etc.  This is very disruptive to an atmosphere of studying.  It also places students in areas of temptation – to listen to music or to watch videos their parents don’t allow. We request that you limit the gadgets your students bring to the Resource Center.  Those gadgets they do have should be used solely for studying.  Students may listen to music with headphones.  No videos and or games are allowed.  Students may not share devices or music unless they are siblings.  Cell phone use should be limited to contact with parents or siblings and car pool people.  If the students do not follow this policy, an HSRC hall monitor will hold the gadget/phone until the next class or the end of the day as the situation warrants.  


Students may use the refrigerator and microwave in the kitchen.  They should use the provided microwave covers.  Students should bring their own cups, napkins and utensils.  Please encourage students to checkand clean the microwave, kitchen counters and their eating area.  The should dispose of all crumbs and trash.  Rags and brooms are available.


Our goals include providing a place for students to learn and encouraging the students in maturity and in their growth in the Lord.  Please encourage them to dress and act in a mature, modest way.  In order to provide an atmosphere that makes these goals achievable, we ask that the students observe these rules of dress.

  1. No shorts for either boys or girls.  Capris are acceptable.
  2. No beach wear of any type - including sandals or flip-flops.  Dress sandals for the girls are acceptable
  3. Girls’ skirts should be no shorter than knee length. This applies even if the girl is wearing leggings or tights.
  4. Sleeveless blouses are acceptable, but students should ensure that no underclothing is visible.  No tank tops and spaghetti straps.  No shirts that are tight or have a low neckline. No bare midriffs or shirts so short that moving causes the same situation.
  5. T-shirts should not have offensive sayings or pictures on them.
  6. Pants should not have holes or major ‘wear’ spots in them.
  7. Boy’s hair: if longer than collar length, it must be pulled back neatly.

  Enforcement:   One warning, second time will require student to leave.  If the student has additional classes that day, the student may go home and change and come back.


We follow the closings for Greenville County.  If Greenville County schools are closed, we are also.  If there is a two hour delay, our 8 and 9 o’clock classes are canceled.  We will start at 10 with the 10 o’clock classes.  If Greenville County has a bus only delay, our classes will run as usual.  In the event that three or more days of class are missed due to weather we will add an additional week to the end of the semester to make up for lost days.


Many of the high school students are able to drive themselves to the HSRC.  This is of great benefit to the parents, but also creates a set of conditions that the parents need to consider.

  1. No student is allowed to leave campus by any means with an unrelated student unless the parents of both students have filled out the form below
  2. We try to schedule classes close together, but occasionally students have time between classes.  Students sometimes want to leave to get lunch or to do other errands.  We need to know what the parents expect during this free time.  While we can’t monitor every exit, we will encourage the student to stay on campus if that is the parents’ desire.  
  3. Please be aware of the fact that we cannot assume responsibility for your student except for the time they are actually here.


Finally:   As parents of home schoolers, we desire to help meet the academic needs of families with older students so that they can prepare their students for college or other future activities.  We do not exclude families of different faiths, however we do everything from an evangelical Christian perspective and we expect the students to conform to our standards while at the Center.